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Virtual Mother’s Day – Coming Soon

Stay tuned! Plans are underway for a creative and virtually interactive Mother’s Day event!

Volunteer Opportunities

Come love, feed and tidy up with the Animals at Amberations. A few shifts are available, mornings or evenings. Perfect for an adult or adults and children. You’ll be lovin’ Big Joe the donkey and the goats-Boo, Uncle Louie, Jam-Jam, Maree, and Maddy. Don’t forget to feed the Guinea fowl named Survivor, Mr. Bunny, and kitties Shadow and Happy. This loveliness takes approx 30 min. Call 315.636.7166 to claim your special time. All are welcome.

Remembering Libby

Remembering Libby Reynolds! Libby loved Amberations. Her parents, Bill and Susan Renyolds have recently installed 2 wonderful art quilts, created by Susan Reynolds and placed in memory of their daughter, Libby. Also in memory of Libby, the beautiful Bench located over by the Barn and near the Pond. Be sure and visit Libby’s Bench, rest for a while. Feel the Love.


Please remember Amberations in your giving plans. 100% of the money raised goes to animal care, grounds maintenance and outreach programs. Click on the donate link to learn more.

Over the years we have been many different things to many different people.


Amberations is dedicated to supporting health through interaction with the natural environment for people of all abilities.