Animal Update

Hi, Jim Frary here, we have finally had some good weather to finish regrading our barn yard paddock and now will redo the fence around it and reseed it. We need volunteers, email me at 

You will notice Maree is limping, Joe stepped on her foot when they were eating hay. We, their care givers, will do a better job of distributing hay so they’re not so close together when they eat. 

We recently received two rabbits that have taken up residence in the pen in front of barn. The white one came with the name Blackie and the black one Whitey. Come to our fall festival and we will have a name the bunny contest. Thank you Kristin for donating them. At this time we have someone who has offered to keep them in a warm place for the winter. 

You will notice a saddle on a bale of hay inside the barn. Thank you to Griff,​ our landscaper, for donating it. I took it to Bill Parsons in Throop to have it cleaned up and reconditioned, it looks great. It’s there for kids to play on and I am working with Joe to eventually lead him with saddle on for kids to ride. Will keep you posted how that’s going. We purchased a saddle blanket and new cinch as well. Thanks to Jamee Swope for her expertise on how to train him, see her at 

The horses in the upper field belong to Jamee Swope and from time to time you will notice them missing. She moves them to greener pastures when the grass gets eaten down up there. They have been a great attraction for those who walk the trails. The brown one is ChiChi and the other is “Q”. Check them out and enjoy the walk.

Next animal project is the chicken house that was inside our barn and has been moved out in barn yard where it will be made ready for laying hens. Thanks to a visiting family who helped us move it out! We plan to put a fence around it so it will be safe and there will be fresh eggs for those who dare to reach in and get them! That probably won’t be ready till next summer. Again we will keep you posted. If you have any questions or new ideas for animal Care please e-mail me, see you at the barn!